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Your Next Step

CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed the course. Maya Angelou once said “if you know better, you do better.” But Maya clearly wasn’t talking about mac and cheese. Even though this course has given you new insight and new skills to make better choices it is a long process. Do not expect perfection. Do anticipate hard times and set backs. Use these skills to recover from the setbacks. Eventually you can achieve all the goals you set at the beginning of the course.

At Lifexcel we offer a few options if you are not ready to go it alone.

Need a meal plan? We have an online course that will help you create one. We also offer virtual sessions with a registered dietitian. She can answer all your questions.

Want to continue with the mental piece of weight loss? We offer weight loss coaching with a mental health professional or health coach. These sessions are weekly and are done virtually. You must commit to ten sessions and we do not accept insurance for these sessions. Cost is $800 and you can split up payments into 3 months. If interested give our office a call at 704-995-3434. We are available Mon – Fri 9-5 Eastern standard time.

For more information on Lifexcel visit our website at www.lifexcelcarolina.com