Weight Loss TipsToday I want to talk to you about a few quick weight loss tips that are about portion control.

Portions are out of control in America. Especially if you eat out often, you get these huge portions sizes. Our view of what is a normal portion has really been skewed.

Did you know that a “kids meal” today, at McDonalds, was an adult normal size meal in 1960. The next size was the quarter pounder which back in the day was a “huge” hamburger.

Over the years our portion sizes in America have increased and increased and so have our waistlines.

I want to share some tips about portion control.

  • Read food labels and measure out portions. If it says 15 pretzels, then count out 15 pretzels
  • Eat – Pause – Ask
  • Don’t eyeball portions – MEASURE
  • Use 1/2 cup as a measure for sides
  • Use 3-4 ounces for meat

(watch the video below for more information about each of these items)

Some people can lose weight by simply decreasing the portion sizes of what they are currently eating.

Willpower and Weight Loss

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