I’m coming to you today to give you some quick weight loss tips about healthy lunches.

Let’s take a look at some bad options, common options people often get for lunch and compare that to some healthier alternatives.

What we’ve done here at Lifexcel is compiled a list of 5 healthy lunch recipes that are quick to prepare that we recommend to our clients.

So here’s how the healthy lunches compare to the alternatives:

Healthy Lunches

Weight Loss Tips


So you can see with some planning, it’s easy to get in some healthy options opposed to just going to a restaurant and eating unhealthy.

The 5 recipes I mentioned earlier are available for download at our website (www.lifexcelcarolina.com) in an ebook titled “5 Quick Lunch Recipes Under 500 Calories”.

You’ll see a popup box, just simply fill in your name and email and you’ll find the recipes in your inbox.