Today I have a weight loss tip that everyone can benefit from.

This is a fast food tip and I feel your pain because sometimes fast food is a necessity.

Eating Healthy When Driving Thru

We often think we can’t eat healthy fast food, so we go for whatever we feel like eating.
Weight Loss Tip

Today you can eat healthy fast food. Check the menus for nutritional values.

Although it can be a challenge, it is possible to eat fairly healthy fast food even when going through the drive thru.
So think about the fast food type of take out, drive thru or even eat in restaurants that you frequently visit.  We all have a radius around where we live that we tend to revisit often.
Then I want you to go online and look up the menus for those that you visit most often. I want you to evaluate the menus for nutritional content.  Here’s a tip that most people aren’t aware of…
If a restaurant has more than 20 locations they are required by law to offer you the nutritional information for each of the foods on the menu. 
You can go online and find out how many calories, fat grams, carb grams and anything else of nutritional interest. 
Go to the websites, look at the menus and decide which items on each menu are within your nutritional needs.

Healthy Examples

  • Grilled Chix Sandwich  310 calories
  • Grilled Chix Wrap  350 calories
  • Grilled Nuggets   140 calories
  • Market Salad 330 calories
  • Dressing  80 calories
  • Various half salads
  • Small chili  160 calories
  • Grilled chix sandwich  370 calories
  • Grilled chix wrap  270 calories
However, all of this information is not helpful if you don’t know how many calories a day you need to eat.
For me, if I eat about 1500 /day, then I’ll lose 1-1.5lbs/week.  If I eat about 2000/day I’ll maintain the weight I’m at.

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