Wonder how fast you need to walk to get health benefits?

I just finished my mid-day workout and while I was jogging I was thinking about something I wanted to share with you guys.

I get a lot of clients who like to walk for exercise. Walking is great exercise and it is certainly better than sitting on your couch. But I want to give you a little tip so you can know if you’re pace is really doing yourself any good.

It’s called the talk test.

You see the way I’m talking right now (see video below) where I’ll say a sentence and I don’t have to stop to breath because I’m not exerting any energy.

If we were walking and talking to a friend and I’m still able to talk just like we were sitting at a table talking, then I am not walking fast enough.

I need to go faster, or add in some heals.

On the other end of that spectrum you’ve got where you are going so fast, like a sprint, that you can’t talk at all and you’re breathing rapidly and heavy, that’s too fast.

You want something in between so that you’re able to say 3-5 words and then have to take a breath. But that you can carry on a conversation if you were trying to do so.

So the next time your walking with a friend think about your talking and if you can talk at a normal pace, no different than if you are sitting at a table, you’ll want to pick up the pace.

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