Success Stories

At Lifexcel, measuring success can take many different forms.  It’s NOT just about a number on the scale.  We set individual goals with our clients that include measurable and non-measurable goals.

Measurable Goals

  • Decreasing or stopping medication
  • Improved bloodwork (cholesterol, blood sugar, Hemoglobin A1C, Glomerular Filtration Rate)
  • Weight
  • Size of clothes
  • Measurements
  • Body Fat %
  • Ability to run a mile without walking

Non-Measurable Goals

  • Sleeping better
  • Having more energy/less fatigue
  • Not being out of breath after taking the stairs
  • Less back pain
  • More self-confidence

Here’s what some of our former clients have to say about their experience at Lifexcel.

Pam’s Story

Pam Before Lifexcel

Pam Before Lifexcel

Pam After Lifexcel

Pam after Lifexcel

Sonja’s Journey

‘When I reached out to Sherri, CEO of Lifexcel, about a year ago, I had my doubts that meeting with her and her team would be of any help to me. She assured me that giving her team the chance, they would help me become a healthier version of “ME” and I would also start feeling better about myself in the process. She matched me up with Aria, my dietitian, and I don’t regret anything! I have learned so much and have learned to make better choices when eating. I have managed to get my diabetes more controlled and have even seen significant weight loss and all of this has made me feel better physically and mentally. I want to personally thank Sherri and her team for making me a better “ME”!’
– Lifexcel Weight Loss Client, Sonja, before and after she started her journey for a healthier life.

After googling the renal diet my wife and I were totally overwhelmed and had more questions than we had answers.  My doctor referred me to Ana Llinas, who was a huge blessing to us.  Each week she taught us a few more things we needed to be doing to manage my kidney failure.  I also liked how she explained the reasoning behind her recommendations.  I needed to understand what would happen if I continued to eat the way I was.

-Felix S

My pediatrician recommended we call Lifexcel to help with my daughter’s picky eating.  It was a daily struggle in our home and I was feeling frustrated and exhausted.  What I was doing wasn’t working.  Jennifer worked with both me and my daughter individually and together.  It was helpful to have an outside person who could be objective and professional.  She was great with my daughter and was able to get my daughter to try new foods like I was not able to.

-Kelsey W

After my husband was diagnosed with pre-diabetes I knew we had to make some changes.  I needed to lose weight so I figured doing it together would be a good thing for us.  We did the 12 week program with Kelly.  She explained what would happen if my husband didn’t take control of his health.  It motivated us to make our health a priority.  With her guidance, I now feel confident I can eat out, buy groceries, make recipes in a way that is healthy and tasty for my family.

-Tonya L

Disclaimer: These are individual experiences. Your results may vary.