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—Opia Espinosa

What brought me to Lifexcel was that I knew I had a problem. I had gained 30-40 lbs over the past year, I knew I needed to do something, but I couldn’t. After years of being on a rollercoaster of diets, weight loss programs, and working out, I needed something that was going to work. Not a temporary fix but for good. When I met with Sherri she shared the 2 aspects that would bring me to a healthier lifestyle. 1. Nutrition and 2. Behavior coaching. That was the part I was most interested in because I wanted to know WHY??? Why don’t I ever feel full, Why do I eat when I’m bored, and most importantly HOW did I let myself get to this point. One of things that I attribute my success to so far is acceptance. I had to admit I had a problem. I believe that’s one of the hardest parts for people. The other thing would be willing to make a change. I like to say “don’t talk about it, be about it”. In my nutrition counseling I learned about the hunger scale and cues. I started applying that knowledge to my daily routine… constantly talking to myself.. Am I hungry? Is it worth it? In behavior sessions we uncovered the why’s which has made me more aware of EVERYTHING! I didn’t realize how much of my upbringing contributes to how I ended up here. Along with getting my mind healthy I also joined a Fitness Studio that trains in a group atmosphere focusing on full body workouts 5 days a week. Having a healthy lifestyle means having a balance of the physical activity and self-development. You can work out all day but if you’re still eating cheeseburgers then you’re wasting time. Also, you can see a nutritionist/healthy coach, but if you’re not putting their plan into action then you will always be on the roller coaster I was on. The number one question I always get after someone congratulates me on my weight loss is “what diet are you on” I always laugh and say, I’m not. I still eat mostly the same foods just in smaller portions and moderation. I want to be successful this time and no special water, tea, or prepackaged meals, isn’t going to help me keep it off.

—Sean Thompkins

I had just turned 40 last year and finally decided that I had better change my lifestyle if I wanted to lose weight and be healthier overall.  I found Lifexcel and decided to make a commitment for the long haul. Sherri has been so great in helping me understand what it takes to eat better and smarter.  The calculated food plan has worked wonders for me as I learned more about portion size, moderation, and signs of when my body is hungry and full. The weight loss was noticable within just a few months and I felt better as I had more energy and not as prone to get sick as I had years past.  The next step for me was to get back to a good exercise habit.  I have struggled for years with sticking to exercise routines.  Sherri has given good advice and motivation to help myself to stay active and exercise.  Recently, I agreed to commit to working out by jogging for the Lifexcel 5K. I’ve never jogged much in my life but knew this would be a good thing.  With the help of Jackie, Sherri’s assistant, I was able to complete the Lifexcel 5K in aproximately 40 minutes.  It was a great feeling to know that I could push myself to finish and learned that , YES! I can do anything with positive thinking and mental focus.

I’ve been with Lifexel for over a year now and feel terrific. Everyone notices how much weight I’ve lost and ask how I’ve done it.  I let them know exactly how proper nutrition and exercise really does make a difference.  I could not have done all this without Sherri!

We designed a plan that fit my lifestyle while making the necessary adjustments to reach my goals. We were very targeted and had clear measures for success. Not judgements or blame, we focused on reaching goals from a holistic approach. Mind, body and soul. I have a unique solution from a unique business that’s meets all my needs and the results show it.

—Chip, age 45, involved in personal training, nutrition coaching, and behavior coaching.

We came to Lifexcel because we didn’t know what else to do.  As a mom I have tried everything I knew of to help my daughter get to a healthier weight. Sherri and Kim have provided Abby with workable life skills that have not only improved her weight now but will give her a lifetime of good habits. It was easy to make the small changes that have lead to big results. Most importantly Abby did it herself, I didn’t have to continue being the food police. She understood what she needed to do to make the right choices.

—Naomi Livesey and daughter Abby, 10

I met Sherri at a health fair.  I had tried every diet in the world over the last 20 years and some of them actually worked in the short term.  She was the first person to point out that me not being able to sustain the weight loss was not just because I lacked willpower.  For the first time I feel like I am getting to the core of my relationship with food.  For the first time I have hope that I may actually not have to live the rest of my life obese. 

– Sandy, 53

I’ve been coming to Lifexcel for about 3 months.  I started with behavior coaching and then added nutrition.  It’s not a fad diet.  I wanted to lose weight quicker but I realize that I’ve done that before and always gained it back.  I’ve made changes such as cutting out my nightly glass (or two) of wine, refusing to eat anything fried, and committing to walk at least 30 minutes 3-4 times a week.  I’ve lost inches and pounds*. I’m not doing anything that I feel I can’t keep up the rest of my life and that feels like the formula for success. 

– Dan, 34

My doctor referred me to Lifexcel after an annual physical.  I expected to see a nutritionist that would put me on a diet and I was up for the challenge.  But when I met with Sherri she said she wouldn’t put me on a diet.  She said she would teach me how to eat when I was physically hungry and stop when I was physically full.  In doing this, I realized I ate a lot out of habit or just because food was nearby and it looked or smelled good.  Over time I’ve lost two dress sizes*.  I feel healthier and I have more pride in myself. Lifexcel has been a life changer for me.  I wish I had come here years ago. 

– Hope, 49

Disclaimer: These are individual experiences. Your results may vary.