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Sherri Clarke interviewing Wendy, a Willpower and Weight Loss client.

Photos of Wendy from before her health journey began to now. 

Sherri Clarke interviewing Allison, a Willpower and Weight Loss client.

Pam BEFORE her Lifexcel weight loss journey.

And this is Pam AFTER.

Sonja’s Journey
‘When I reached out to Sherri, CEO of Lifexcel, about a year ago, I had my doubts that meeting with her and her team would be of any help to me. She assured me that giving her team the chance, they would help me become a healthier version of “ME” and I would also start feeling better about myself in the process. She matched me up with Aria, my dietitian, and I don’t regret anything! I have learned so much and have learned to make better choices when eating. I have managed to get my diabetes more controlled and have even seen significant weight loss and all of this has made me feel better physically and mentally. I want to personally thank Sherri and her team for making me a better “ME”!’- Lifexcel Weight Loss Client, Sonja, before and after she started her journey for a healthier life.


Willpower and Weight Loss Client, Kristy, sharing her telehealth experience.

Willpower and Weight Loss Client, Kirsten, sharing her telehealth experience.