Sue Leslie

Sue Leslie, MS, RDN

I’ve always had an interest in health and education. My Mom was a teacher and naturally I gravitated towards that area. Therefore, the idea of helping people learn how to maximize their health through prevention or improving their current health challenges through nutrition has been my life’s work. In my family we have a strong family history of diabetes, hypertensions and cancer. As a result I understand on a personal level how important it is to apply these skills to my own health journey.

I’ve worked in health care as a dietitian for over 20 years. My area of specialty involves working with individuals with kidney disease, hypertension and diabetes. The primary focus group were those with end stage kidney disease. My experience includes participating with community outreach programs, physicians, and local groups. Because of advancements in medical technology we are able to diagnose, treat or prevent many illnesses before patients even “feel” the effects. This is great news and also implies that people understand how to navigate the health care terrain. This is where my guidance will help you. I promise to fully commit to working with you to assist you to reaching your health goals. I ask in return that you commit to the process and communicate with me so we can be a team in your health journey.