Kelly Diamond, RD, LDN

Just as food causes chronic disease, it can be the most powerful cure. -Hippocrates

My interest in nutrition began in high school, when I cared for my grandmother as she struggled with diabetes. I watched her health decline as she lost feeling in her feet, then the tissue in her legs became necrotic, and ultimately the disease took her life.  Despite all the doctors’ advice, she wasn’t able to control her eating habits to manage her disease. Looking back, I think she had an underlying sugar addiction that was deeply tied to her emotional history. I lost my grandmother in college, when I was already studying to become a registered dietitian.

Because of my family history, I strongly support Lifexcel’s philosophy of acknowledging the emotion behind our eating patterns. Food is a powerful cure, and my approach is to coach you to a healthier lifestyle with no pills, no shakes, and a focus on food first. I use personalized metabolic testing to design a custom nutritional plan that is specific to your body’s needs. Learning about your body can empower you to care for yourself. As your needs change through each phase of your life, your diet can change to help you remain strong and healthy.

I personally struggled after the birth of my children. I had put on weight and didn’t feel like myself, but simply restricting calories wasn’t working – I had kicked my metabolism into starvation mode. Ultimately, I found the right combination of exercise and healthy eating to feel like my true self again, and I want to help you do the same thing. All of us go through phases in life – starting a new job, moving, become a parent….or perhaps a global pandemic that forces us to drastically shift our habits. I want to help you prepare for these life changes and keep your metabolic system working for you in your busy life. We can break unhealthy cycles of dieting or feeding your cravings and diseases, and help you make authentic, individualized lifestyle changes to support your personal goals.

I look forward to working with you!