Aria Maslow 2020-03-13T16:07:41-05:00

Aria Maslow, MA, BS, RD, LDN

  • Hometown: Columbia, MO
  • BS in Food Science and Nutrition at Clemson University
  • MA in Secondary Education – Biology
  • Registered Dietitian since 2014

From a young age I have had a passion for cooking and healthy eating. I think these passions came from being encouraged to join the cooking process with my family, my involvement in dancing from a young age and seeing the importance of food throughout different health battles myself and my family went through including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. I have also always enjoyed teaching. I went to college in hopes of becoming a teacher but did not know what subject matter I felt drawn to. Thankfully, I had an insightful advisor that educated me on the role of a dietitian and how that path perfectly branched my passions.

When I entered the professional world as a dietitian I thought I would never want to work in weight loss. In my mind, weight loss dietitians steered patients away from food and promoted a fear of eating and food. I spent the beginning of my career as a clinical dietitian within a hospital. I quickly learned that in this environment I got the least amount of educating, limited relationship building and I talked very little about actual food. In my pursuit for a new environment I found myself in weight loss, the last place I expected. Thankfully, I learned that in this role I got to support people on a level I never had previously, building strong relationships and talking more about food and healthy eating than I ever had previously. Instead of making food off limits, I get to teach how all foods can work and the power nutritious foods have in weight loss. I am excited to meet you, work with you and support you in your journey.