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Allyson T. Rutledge, RD, LDN

  • Allyson T. Rutledge, RD, LDN
  • Hometown: Matthews, NC
  • East Mecklenburg High School, Charlotte, NC
  • BS Nutrition: Appalachian State University, Boone, NC
  • Undergraduate Internship: Mercy Hospital, Charlotte, NC
  • Post graduate work/Approved Pre-Professional Practice Program (AP4)/Intership
  • UNC-Greensboro, Greensboro, NC
  • Presbyterian Hospital, Charlotte, NC
  • Registered Dietitian since 1995
  • Certification Adult Weight Management 2006
  • Certification Adolescent and Child Weight Management 2010

Nutrition and health was not something that I ever thought about until my great-grandmother had a stroke when I was in elementary school.  I was with her when she had the stroke and did not understand what was happening, what a stroke was, and why it was happening to a person that I loved with all my heart.  I knew that I never wanted to have a stroke.  While in school, during recess, my third grade teacher would eat a bar of Philadelphia Cream Cheese for lunch and when I asked her why she ate the blob of white stuff, she said it was because she was on a diet.  I wondered then what a diet was.  This was the beginning of my interest in nutrition.  I wanted to know why we ate food.  I wanted to know what the food did for our bodies.  I wanted to know these things because I knew I did not want to have a stroke and I never wanted to be on a diet.  In my third grade year, when the book orders were available at school, I ordered books about nutrition which further enhanced my interest in nutrition.   During high school, I was assigned a research paper on eating disorders, so my studies and interest in nutrition continued.  I knew that I enjoyed learning more about nutrition but never knew that it could be a career path until I babysat for a neighbor who informed me that she was a Registered Dietitian for the local Charlotte hospital.   I spent quite a bit of time with her that summer learning different aspects about the field of nutrition.  I knew in my heart that I wanted to study all that I could with regard to nutrition because if I could prevent someone from having a stroke by helping them with their food choices, I wanted to do so.  Nutrition and health became my primary focus of study because I wanted a career that would help people with disease prevention and healing. 

 With more than 20 years of experience, I have had the pleasure to work in the fields of geriatrics, WIC (Women, Infants, and Children), high risk obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN), stroke rehabilitation and cardiovascular health, orthopedics, diabetes and thyroid disease, hospital in-patient and out-patient counselling, corporate health, and private practice for physician referrals.  These opportunities have allowed me to improve my knowledgebase of disease processes so that I can better understand nutrition goals for healing.  I have received certification in adult, child, and adolescent weight management for guidance and support for a healthy lifestyle versus a diet.  I believe that mindful eating habits also support healthy lifestyle choices. 

 I became a Registered Dietitian because I wanted to help people achieve their personal nutrition goals.  Very simply, I never want anyone to suffer like my great-grandmother did.  I never want a child to suffer like I did with sadness because their loved one was sick.  I am rewarded daily by client improvements and the reasons that I am a Registered Dietitian are reinforced as my clients achieve their goals.  Lifexcel allows me to work with clients needing nutrition guidance to improve their health.  Lifexcel is a team of individuals that have the client’s best interests at heart in achieving overall personal health.