Metabolism Matters for Weight Management

Metabolism varies based on age, weight, hormones, gender, muscle mass, medications and illness/disease. This is why the test is beneficial. It will tell you EXACTLY how many calories you need to eat in a day to maintain/lose or gain weight.  It’s proven to be more accurate than online or app calorie calculators.

Who needs metabolic testing?

Anyone interested in losing weight, maintaining weight or improving overall health and fitness. We highly recommend it for anyone who has followed a calorie count for weight loss in the past and not seen results. Your frustration likely lies in the calorie level.

Is the test painful? How long does it take? 

It’s not painful in any way.  You come into our office, sit relaxed for about ten minutes as you breath into the BodyGem device.  Your nose is clamped during the test but otherwise there is no discomfort.

How much does it cost? 

If you have BCBS or Aetna they may part for a portion of your visit. Otherwise, contact us to find out your specific cost.

After I get my results, then what? 

Your metabolic test results can then be used by Registered Dietitian Kelly Diamond to plan your daily intake in a way that facilitates maximum results.  To achieve this, we recommend you work with Kelly at least 6 weeks.


Once I received the results of my metabolic test, Kelly gave me simple recommendations that were easy to understand so I could meet my fitness goals. The test was painless and easy. It’s exactly what I needed to understand why I wasn’t losing weight. I highly recommend getting tested so you can more accurately devise a nutritional plan right for you.

-Terri Trifilletti

After gaining weight at a steady pace for a few months with no changes to my diet or lifestyle, I reached out to Kelly to dig deeper into this issue. I completed Metabolic Test. With the results, Kelly was able to provide specific and meaningful information that I was able to build on. From the testing and discussion after, I’ve gained a great amount of information that has changed my mindset and habits.

-Tammy Register

Having the metabolic testing done helped me understand how my body processes energy from my caloric intake. It definitely changed the way I look at what I eat and the calories I consume. Kelly explained it to me very well. It was a game changer for me. I highly recommend it!

-Shelby Melton

The metabolic testing providing me with information about how effectively my body burns calories and uses oxygen during workouts.  After the testing was administered, Kelly informed me that I was not eating enough calories in order to achieve my weight loss goal.  I was eating too little and my body was hanging on to every calorie I ate.  I have now increased my calorie intake with the right amount of protein, carbs and healthy fats.  With this change, I can already can see a big difference.

-Lynda J