Lifexcel’s Weight Loss Program Details

Trying to decide which weight loss program is for you? Watch the video below.

Willpower and Weight Loss

Great for those that know WHAT to eat in general, but have problems sticking to the plan. They struggle with self-sabotage, motivation and negative self-talk.  They are often triggered to eat due to an emotion like stress or boredom. They struggle with moderation.  They’ve usually been successful at weight loss but typically gain the pounds back.  This program involves a change in mindset and addresses WHY you eat in addition to WHAT you eat.

What clients are saying about the Willpower and Weight Loss Program:

What makes the Willpower and Weight Loss program different from all the other weight loss programs you have tried?

For me following a weight loss program focused on the food that you eat and the portions and not the mental aspect of why you overeat and  can’t stop. Or eating when you’re stressed, tired or angry.  Or sometimes over eating to the point of being physically sick.  This program focuses  on the why and how you can overcome these habits. I’ve learned skills that have help me achieve  yo-yo dieting by controlling  my  overeating.

What was your biggest takeaway from the program?

There are many takeaways from this program but I think the biggest one was stopping before I put food in my mouth and asking myself are you hungry.  It’s almost automatic for me now. If the answer is yes you are hungry I try to  choose a healthier option.  If it’s something that’s not the healthiest choice I’m able to try it then get rid of it. I Enjoy what I am eating and  try to be mindful of every bite. I have to add another huge takeaway for me was learning its ok to throw food away.  It’s not wasteful.  It’s more beneficial for the food to be in the trash than on my body.

Cheryl B.

Lifexcel Carolina has been such a blessing in my life!
I have to say I was kind of skeptical about the Willpower and Weight Loss program I was put on, but it has really changed the way I think about food. I feel more in control of my eating habits and decisions than I’ve ever been in my life!
This program, coupled with the personal training sessions I do there, has me at the lowest weight I’ve been since college!
And I’m not just another appointment to them. They care about me as a person!
Thanks so much to all the wonderful people at Lifexcel Carolina for the wonderful things you do!

Michelle K

Traditional Weight Loss

Great for those that need help devising a realistic plan, goal setting, and accountability. We also address any conditions you may have such as pre-diabetes, menopause, or IBS.

What clients are saying about the Traditional Weight Loss Program:

As an active woman with PCOS, food has been an ongoing struggle. I’ve read all the books, tried all the things, nothing has provided long term results. I have a habit of being in my own way- unrealistic standards, self doubt, negative self talk, etc. Aria truly listens to the obstacles in my lifestyle and helps me to brainstorm ideas to overcome them. She doesn’t just give me a bunch of platitudes about weight loss and strategy. Aria has encouraged me to focus on the things I can control, suggests realistic solutions, and holds me accountable for reaching small attainable goals. One particular comment Aria said to me has stood out during this experience and has enabled me to view things more positively. She said, “We are looking for progress, not perfection.” Simple words, but giant impact. I hear that in my head when I step on the scale and the weight isn’t lost, but I physically feel better. I hear that in my head when I stick to 70% of my daily food goals, but give in to my emotions for the other 30%. I have made progress from that first meeting and I am confident she will help me move even closer to my goals. For anyone who is looking for support and accountability, I highly recommend you call and book an appointment!

Rachel G

The team at Lifexcel has given me the tools to lose weight and keep it off! Jennifer gave me easy to follow, common sense eating guidelines that have become habit for me. That means I’m eating healthy but there’s still room for the sweets I love, in moderation. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Kate L

Lifexcel Carolina’s Aria Maslow completes another telehealth session.

Lifexcel Aria Maslow Telehealth

We really love Lifexcel! This is true nutrition advice and counseling from a sound medical basis. We see Aria Maslow and she is excellent. She is knowledgeable and caring. If you are looking for an easy way out or a gimmicky fad diet, this is not your place. You will learn to examine what you are eating (and why) and learn to make changes that will serve you for the rest of your life – not just until you can fit into smaller size jeans. You have to do the work, but you will receive great care.

Tiffany S