Today I want to talk to you about physical hunger and offer you some tips about how to know you are hungry.

Think about it, how many times do we eat when we are not even hungry?

  • We eat because someone offers us food
  • We eat because it’s noon and it’s time for lunch
  • We eat because it’s free

We eat for a lot of different reasons besides hunger.

If you are trying to be a mindful eater and trying to have a healthy relationship with food you have to get back to that time when you were a baby.

When we were babies we ate when we were hungry and we stopped when we were full.

So today’s weight loss tip deals with hunger.

What I first want you to do is take one day and think about what does hunger really feel like? I want you to pause every 30 minutes, throughout the day. Set a timer on your phone or watch and then think, “am I hungry?”.   If 1 is so hungry I’m going to pass out and 10 is I’m so stuffed I’ve got to undo my pants, where are you in that moment?

5 is going to be neutral where I’m not hungry, but I’m not full either. I’m right in the middle.

What you are looking for are the very first signs that your body gives you that you are hungry. A lot of you are probably saying it’s a stomach growl, and it may or may not be for you.

One thing I’ve found working at Lifexcel is that symptoms of hunger vary from one client to the next. However, a lot of the time hunger does start in the stomach with a growl or an emptiness. Then if you ignore that and don’t eat it will sometimes go into the head and you’ll get the headaches.

So today’s challenge is to check in every 30 minutes with your body and ask yourself where I’m at on the hunger scale, again 1 being starving and 10 being overstuffed.

I want you to only eat when you’re at a 2-3. The goal is not to eat when you’re not physically hungry.

This will help you identify in your body when you are hungry and then the next time you go to reach for that food, for reasons other than hunger, you can make a mindful decision.

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