This week at Lifexcel I got to meet with a new client Jennifer who is enrolled in our Willpower and Weight Loss program.  During the very first session we got to talking about goals and Jennifer asked me what is my ideal weight?

Basically she wanted me to tell her let’s set a goal and you need to aim for 160 pounds.

While I do think that stepping on the scale, while your in active weight loss, and even after you get to the weight you want to maintain, is important, it should not be the “driver”, or the number you are chasing, during  or after  your weight loss journey.

When new people do that, it tends to make them focus on a diet mentality vs. changing their lifestyle mentality.  We like to promote that you are making changes that you can sustain for a lifetime, not temporary changes.

We find that when people focus too much on a number, and certainly achieving a certain number by a certain date, then they tend to make drastic changes that they can’t stick to and they ultimately end up gaining the weight back.

Take back your power over food

What we do is get people to focus more on how you feel. Let’s say you lost 20 pounds, lets check in and see how you feel by asking yourself some questions.

  • Do you feel powerful over food, or do you still feel there’s times when your powerless over food?
  • Do you still struggle with food, eat this, no I shouldn’t eat it and then you eat it and give in?  Or do you feel powerful over the food?

If the answer is yes, to I feel powerful over food, then it’s likely you’re very close to your lowest maintable weight.

Another thing to look at is do I feel confident in my own skin. Am I able to wear whatever clothes I want to wear. When I go to the beach am I self conscious or when family or friends take pictures am I hiding behind other people because I don’t want to be seen?

Do I have confidence in my own skin at 160 pounds, at 170 pounds, and where is that number for you.

So if you focus more on how you feel and how in control you are and how proud you are of your choices that’s a much healthier approach.

Another good question to ask is can I or will I be proud of this choice after I make it. If you let that be your guiding decision maker on eating and exercise, that in itself will motivate you to lose weight.

How to know if you’ve reached your ideal weight

So the next time you want to lose weight I would encourage you to not pick out a number and chart a course for that number. I would say weigh yourself occasionally to monitor the number about every 10 to 15 pounds and then ask yourself where am I at with my weight; do I feel in control, do I feel confident in my own skin, and do I feel proud of the decisions I’ve been making.

And if your answer to all of those is Yes, then voila, you are at your ideal weight.

If you found these tips helpful and you are on a weight loss journey to transform your relationship with food, and make it better, then you may want to consider our closed Facebook Group.

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