Starting Tuesday, Aug 6 Sherri will have small group workouts in the Lifexcel gym.

When? Every Tuesday.  We will add more days/times as the group grows.

Time?  You can join the group anytime between 5:30 – 6 pm.  So your start time is flexible.

You can stay as long as you like.  Class ends at 6:45 followed by a 5 minute cool down/stretch. Everyone gets at least a 45 min workout!

What fitness level?  Sherri will show you a beginner and an advanced version of all the moves so you can go at your pace.

Investment?  $10 drop in OR you can save by purchasing 6 sessions for $45. CASH ONLY PLEASE.

Questions?  Email Sherri at

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Moderated by a Registered Dietitian, this is a group of like minded individuals interested in the topic of Willpower and Weight Loss. Our intention is to provide information, tips, as well as support and motivation. We will also talk about the latest current research that is out there, without gimmicks, or product selling. We require that everyone answer 3 questions before joining to determine if this group is a good fit for you. NOTE: If you do not answer the 3 questions you will not be invited to join.

Exercise Coaching

“Exercise is the most under-utilized anti-depressant in America”

According to the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans as little as 2.5 hours a week of moderate physical activity can help prevent, treat, and in some cases even cure more than 40 of the most common chronic health conditions.  At Lifexcel  Carolina we recognize that exercise is essential to a healthy life,  whether you are at your ideal body weight or not.

Individual Personal Training in our Charlotte Location

Turn up the music, get the heart pumping and have fun while burning calories and toning muscles!  You will workout in the privacy of our gym with a certified personal trainer.  Sessions last 30 minutes and typically include exercises that raise the heart rate for cardiovascular benefits as well as exercises that strengthen and tone your muscles. Your first session will include an evaluation where you and your trainer will discuss your health and exercise history as well as your goals for personal training.  This is a great option for

  • Beginners who need help learning the proper form for exercises such as push ups or bench presses.
  • Individuals who need accountability to exercise  (should there be periods after these statements?)
  • People who are not comfortable exercising in a big box gym where others are watching.
  • Exercisers who are not beginners but need help formulating an exercise routine – reps, sets, what exercise works what body part, etc.

COST: Starts at $30 per session.  Call 704-995-3434 or email for more details.

Couples Personal Training in our Charlotte Location

We often see couples that want to workout together with a personal trainer.  You and your partner will enjoy a 45 minute session in our private gym. You can expect your workout to include exercises that raise the heart rate for cardiovascular benefits as well as exercises that strengthen and tone your muscles. Both individuals will receive an evaluation and exercise plan.  Couples training can be motivating and fun!

COST:  Starts at $45 per session per couple.  Call 704-995-3434 or email for more details.

Evaluation and Workout Plan

Sometimes individual personal training is not possible so our clients get one of our trainers to do an evaluation and formulate a workout plan that they can execute themselves at their convenience.  This is good for:

Individuals who travel frequently and need a plan for working out on the road

Those with a good understanding of correct form but no idea how many reps or sets to do and what body parts on what days

Someone who is motivated and will do the work at their own gym – they just need a plan to follow

Our evaluation and workout plan consists of two hour long sessions.  These sessions can be done in our office or virtually.

COST:  The cost for the two session evaluation and workout plan is $199.