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corp wellnessA healthy worker is a happy and a productive worker, but as of 2012, studies estimate that nearly 28% of the adult population in North Carolina and South Carolina is obese. Companies who employ workers with chronic illnesses or unhealthy conditions can end up shouldering the costs of insurance, more sick days, and decreased productivity. On the other hand, companies who promote physical health and wellness, who encourage their workers to prevent and combat disease, end up with higher profit margins, dedicated employees, and a more satisfying work environment.

Improve your morale and balance health care costs by enrolling your company or department in one of Lifexcel Carolina’s corporate wellness programs. We offer results-driven health programs that are fun, invigorating, and use realistic methods to drive results. Using everything from games to individual incentives, we can help your workforce discover and maintain better health. Whatever your budget is, we can craft a program to match it. Whether you have 3 employees or 300, we will provide scalable activities and tracking programs so that everyone can participate and benefit from their involvement—no matter their age, gender, or current level of health.

Call us today to start getting ideas on how you can motivate and invest in your employees with the best incentive in the book—good health!

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