Survive the pandemic and still fit into your jeans! Here’s how.

Step 1: Give yourself a break! Recognize that this is an incredibly stressful time for EVERYONE.  I can’t think of one single person that has not been impacted by this virus.  This is something none [...]

Why is losing weight so hard?

By:  Brianne Binford, Fall 2017 Intern That’s a great question and of course there is no real or easy answer to that question. In my time interning at Lifexcel, I have seen many different clients and have [...]

Personal Training Promotion

Take advantage of our Fall Personal Training Promotion! 20% off 12 individual or partner sessions Regular price for individual sessions is $480, now just $384 Regular price for partner sessions is $660, now just $528 [...]

Why Do You Eat?

Bernice Sem with Lifexcel Carolina Why do I eat? That was the question I kept asking myself after observing my first nutrition counseling session at Lifexcel Carolina. I never thought about how I [...]


Photo by Chris Yarzab. Recently I started working with a new client who is 24 and constantly on and off a diet. Her triggers are life events like a vacation, a trip [...]

My experience training for the Lifexcel 5K

I’m training for the first ever Lifexcel 5K.  I have to admit that when I started a month ago in the worst shape I have been in for years.  I opened Lifexcel in October of [...]

Lessons from an intern

retrain your mind photo from public domain My name is Jackie Kleinsmith. I am an exercise science intern at Lifexcel. I came here hoping to get an idea of what it's like to [...]

If I Hear “Swimsuit Season” One More Time…

license public domain Hey everyone! My name is Stephanie Diettrich and I’m yet ANOTHER dietetic intern (Lenoir-Rhyne University this time) who has had the pleasure of working with Lifexcel. Am I the only [...]

CDC Study Finds Too Much Salt in Toddler Dinners

A new study from the Centers for Disease Control finds too much salt in many foods marketed for toddlers and infants. The CDC looked at the nutrition labels for more than 1,000 foods marketed to [...]

Addicted to Mountain Dew

license public domain So I have a client who came to me for help with weight loss. He drinks about eight 20 oz bottles per day. That’s not a typo. Eight Mt Dews [...]

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