Nutrition Counseling

Our dietitians help with weight loss, diabetes management, renal disease, kids nutrition and much more! Offering sessions in our Ballantyne office OR virtual sessions.

Is weight loss your goal?

You’ve come to the right place. Lifexcel offers two different weight loss programs. Both programs:

  • Involve weekly check-ins with your registered dietitian.
  • Covered by insurance for many.  We’ll help you find your coverage.
  • Teach you how to shop, cook and meal plan for yourself.  It’s much more than just a list of eat this/don’t eat this.
  • Emphasize mindfulness and moderation of all foods.
  • Are based on scientific, evidence based nutrition research.  No gimmicks, fads, or extra products to purchase.
  • Focus on helping you make lifelong sustainable changes.

At Lifexcel we understand that changing your eating habits is not easy! Our dietitians do much more than just give you information on what and how much to eat.  We coach you through a transformation. When you have questions – we have answers.  When you feel unmotivated – we know how to turn it around.  When you feel discouraged – we address root causes.  When you achieve – we celebrate with you.

You’ve come to the right place if you are ready to learn, do the work and reap the rewards.

~Sherri Clarke, Founder

Looking for Mental Health Counseling?

Lifexcel Carolina offers mental health counseling with licensed therapists. Learn more at about our mental health counseling.