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Nutrition Coaching

Knowledge is power! Learn to make great choices to fuel your body and mind. No gimmicks!

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Exercise Coaching

Exercise is essential to a healthy life whether you are trying to lose weight or not.

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Behavior Coaching

Mental Health professionals equipping you with the skills to navigate your life.

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Moderated by a Registered Dietitian, this is a group of like minded individuals interested in the topic of Willpower and Weight Loss. Our intention is to provide information, tips, as well as support and motivation. We will also talk about the latest current research that is out there, without gimmicks, or product selling. We require that everyone answer 3 questions before joining to determine if this group is a good fit for you. NOTE: If you do not answer the 3 questions you will not be invited to join.

“Our unique approach to weight loss includes looking at WHY someone overeats in the first place.  A calorie restrictive meal plan does not work in the long run for many people because it does not address the thought process behind the overeating.  We help clients who eat because they are stressed, bored, anxious, lonely, depressed, or grieving.  We help clients who use their weight to build walls to keep others out.  We help clients know what to eat but feel powerless over making good choices on a consistent basis.  If this is you then take a different approach this time and check out Lifexcel.” ~Sherri Clarke, Founder

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