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A goal without a plan is just a dream.

Why Do You Eat?

Why do I eat? That was the question I kept asking myself after observing my first nutrition counseling session at Lifexcel Carolina. I never thought about how I ate until that moment. Do I eat because I am physically hungry? Is my stomach growling? Do I eat because of my emotions? Am I bored, tired, […]

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Recently I started working with a new client who is 24 and constantly on and off a diet. Her triggers are life events like a vacation, a trip back home, holiday party, etc. These events motivate her to diet and exercise so that she can look good and impress people. The problem is after the […]

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My experience training for the Lifexcel 5K

I’m training for the first ever Lifexcel 5K.  I have to admit that when I started a month ago in the worst shape I have been in for years.  I opened Lifexcel in October of 2013.  At first I had time to juggle running my business and maintaining my exercise regimen. I love group fitness […]

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Lessons from an intern

My name is Jackie Kleinsmith. I am an exercise science intern at Lifexcel. I came here hoping to get an idea of what it’s like to be a dietitian. My main focus was to shadow the dietitians here and see if it would help me decide if I wanted to become one. Some of the […]

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If I Hear “Swimsuit Season” One More Time…

Hey everyone! My name is Stephanie Diettrich and I’m yet ANOTHER dietetic intern (Lenoir-Rhyne University this time) who has had the pleasure of working with Lifexcel. Am I the only one who despises the phrase “swimsuit season”? For some reason, we only start to hear references to this about a month or so before the […]

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